22 February 2008

These are some random pictures around our hill.

This is the bamboo in bloom. You may have heard that the bamboo flowers rarely, once in 12 to 36 years. Well this is 36 years, because I don't remember it flowering before and I've been married that long. It was planted by my mother-in-law. Apparently the bamboo will die after that and then regrow from the same spot. Waiting to see what happens.

This shows the tender young leaves of a mango tree. We've had the requisite 2 or 3 showers. So the mango trees are all putting out new leaves and flowers. These red leaves turn green in about a week.

This is of course a tapped rubber tree. Since I took this pic with my phone and through my window, it's not too clear. If you look carefully, you can see the black plastic container kept to collect the rubber.


  1. You inspired me. I blogged my flowering quince.

  2. Mango trees and rubber trees! You made me nostalgic! :)

    I left you a comment on your previous post :)


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