13 February 2008

It's been one year since my mother passed away. People make comments about how fast one year has gone. As I type this post, the memory of last year comes back. I know that she had a full life and was really waiting to go. So I try not to miss her. This last week or so I once woke with a start because I thought she called me. We will be having a memorial service for her on Saturday morning.


  1. Oh sweetie
    she is still showing her
    love..and you can miss her
    just remember her in love.
    and not sorrow!!
    BIG HUGE HUGS sweetie

    lovingly. Deena

  2. I can only imagine how much you must miss her. I know it has been a difficult year for you.

  3. Its that time of the year again Sue. I'm thinking of my father in law who passed away a little after your mother did .

  4. Thanks for all the love:) The day went fine.


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