01 December 2007

My rant about the many multi-storeys coming up around us is here.
Incidentally, that is a family blog about which everyone knows, with more than one contributor and which I have kept separate from this. This blog only my children know about and which I have not told extended family about.


  1. I so agree with you Sue - the serenity of houses with gardens has disappeared totally . There are flats all around us . I think ours is the only house with a patch of garden & that's a luxury I can tell you .

  2. It is true everywhere, Sue. We had a beautiful wild area behind our home in Portland, Oregon where georgeous deer would feed. They cleared all but about 500 yards and build houses behind us. This was in a city known for tearing down old buildings to put in parks. Along our beautiful White River and NATIONAL Buffalo River here there are homesites after homesites being built all of course with septic systems and wells. That is why we purchased an ajacent 1.5 acres to protect it from building.

  3. The header pic is my older aughter's hand with some of her beads taken by her . The beads are very colourful!


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