13 December 2007

Hip Hop Grandmom asked me to take on a tag she just finished on 10 things I would like to do before I turn 60 and things I miss from the old days. I think I will also do it in 2 parts like HHG.
So for the first part.. 10 things before 60.
Let me say this first that as I near 60(another 4 years), it doesn't seem like an age which means the end of my active life :)
1. Travel to South America. I love Latin music and Brazilian music particularly--what i've heard of it. (But I'm willing to take Thailand.)
2. Hope to see the birth of at least one more grandchild, preferably more!
3. Maybe go for one spa treatment.
4. Lose around 10 kgs (ok let's get realistic here--5 kgs atleast)
5. Be more active in working with under-privileged children.
6. Learn to take negative criticism better--without feeling like I'm the most useless thing around.
7. Learn to be firm.
8. Hope to get the better of my procrastination.
Can't think of anything else that I feel I just have to do by 2011. [Look at that date!! to me born in the middle of the last millennium, it seems like some monstrous futuristic date. But it's only the year I turn 60.]


  1. Hillgran,

    I will turn 60 in August of 2011, when I was very young , I thought that would be such an ancient thing to be, but now I think of it as young.

    I think Brazillian music is so beautiful because Portugese is such a beautiful language and when sung , just spectacular.

    My daughter is here visiting, Yeah,and she brought CD's of some friends who are musicians. They are Moroccan and American who play traditional/Modern combinations of Moroccan and Andalusian music . It is playing now and is quite wonderful as it includes the flamenco guitar with oudu and other instruments. Wonderful.

  2. sounds totally interesting! No way you could maybe put one up on your blog

  3. Let me see if they have a song on utube or not.

  4. hillgran


    I want to come to your country before I am 60.


  5. Dear Hillgrandmom, my friends' group has been playing under the name "Al-Andalus" to reflect their southern-spanish-arab heritage. Their website is www.andalus.com, they are in the process of updating it and also converting their analog videos to digital so that they can be uploaded onto YouTube. When they are, I'll let you know!

  6. 'Learn to be firm.
    Hope to get the better of my procrastination.'

    Me too hillgmom but looks as if I may not be able to achieve it!

    That was a wonderful wish list.looking forward to PartII

  7. Thanks Lydia for the info. will look at their site anyway.
    Onedia--let's hope you are able to visit India before 60 :)
    HHG--thanks. Well anyway, even if not before 60, there's maybe the next 10 years too:)

  8. That was as usual a very vivid self description. I wish I had your ability of self introspection. When you go to South America give me a call I'll come with you . Also to Ananda for that spa treatment!!!!

  9. Well, I'll turn 60 in 2010 so I'll let ya know how it is, ok?

    My DH's grandma died this weekend at 99. Knowing her made it clear to me that enjoyable life doesn't end at 60, 70, 80, or even 90.

    Love your list, but I'm thinking I'll wait until my 90s to work on procrastination. hahaha


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