13 September 2007

I came across this article yesterday (in the newspaper actually), about autism. Well, I'm always interested in brain development and childhood developmental psychology. This one made me think.
John Gray's 'Men are from Mars...' and various psychological and pharmacological studies have shown that there are some basic differences in brain chemistry and in the way male and female brains process information. I guess much of it is now old hat. But it made me think about the feminine and masculine components of our minds. [I'm sure each of us feels that we have both male & female sides to us] So then there are some of us who have a keen fashion sense (like say David Beckham), which is a female trait. Then there are the geeks. In fact read this page for some interesting tests too.
So, what do you think about it? Personally I feel I have slightly more male traits than female traits. But I think that the female traits I do have were more in the forefront and more active when my children were young and at home. But now that they have all left, the male components of me are more active. But I find, after doing the BBC Brain sex test that I'm an average female on the whole.


  1. That's quite interesting. I always feel that I am when I am with the Boy or around children, my feminine traits are more to the forefront too. Uhmm...
    going over to read the articles now :)

  2. The tests were very interesting Susan. I have a predominantly female brain I find but my ring finger /index finger ration defies all ratios!

  3. My score was 25% female overall. What I found interesting was that I never knew that my left hand was smaller than my right. Weird.

    I remember reading somewhere if you cut your picture in half and had the other half match, you'd have a different face. It's not totally symetrical. Interesting, eh?

  4. The test really was fun wasn't it? I too had some things more masculine and some stuff more feminine. My score on that was 50.

  5. Suze, I've done the tag!


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