08 August 2007

K without mom

Yes, K was here with his dad for 3 days. This time though he didn't want to come to school with me cos he was really worried that his dad might also disappear while he was away from the house. So, while I went to work, he kept his grandad on his toes! Luckily for grandad, I only work mornings :)
But we had a great time. I think the highlight though was when we spoke to 'Amrika' on Skype. K just couldn't believe that his uncle and aunt were actually there on the computer smiling and waving at him! He just kept smiling and laughing, he was so thrilled. Apparently next morning he came to the computer, sat in front of it and called out for his aunt and uncle and wondering why they didn't respond. Anyway, that was sufficient incentive for K's dad to get over his fear of using Skype--hopefully.


  1. Hey Suze, I'm back. Nice to note that K is giving you company at a time when you are missing your Amreeka kids.
    Came to Kottayam heaps of times- to Paico, Eve's World, Seematti etc. Didn't see you anywhere. My brother got married to a girl from Kottayam town. So I got to meet a lot of Kottayam-ites at the engagement and wedding.

  2. Sue girl where are you?


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