21 August 2007

Just wanted to say that the picture in my header is also from around here, taken by my daughter- in-law, last monsoons. This year too, during the monsoons, there were days looking like that.
Incidentally, we have the rain back today and now the sounds from outside my window are a steady, light, drip-drip and a loud chorus of crickets/cicadas. There are no bird sounds today. Certainly not my day to listen to Latin jazz 'cos to me listening to Latin jazz needs a breezy, lightly sunny afternoon :)
So listening to classical piano instead.


  1. That picture just made me home sick...our house in kerala is also on a hill. Its in a place called nedumangad , far from the town, nestled in an estate...its the most beautiful spot on earth for me...I used to stand on the roof when it rains..always...

  2. I know Nedumangad. Been there a loooong time ago.

  3. I love your pictures. They're like taking a trip to a place completely different from here. Plus, they're beautiful.

  4. Does it get sultry after a rainfall in kerala?It does here.Nice pictures.


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