18 August 2007

Rambutan pictures

Just some pictures I took a while back of rambutans. I so love the contrast of red & green!

These I arranged on a banana leaf.


  1. Hi Hillgrandmom, I dropped by to answer your question and find myself with one istead.
    I have never seen thopse before, what are they?

    Now for your question, as long as its not plugged in and ypou make sure its dry before you do, you can wash or rise inside any equipment.
    It's when it's plugged in when all the damage occures.
    I have a $80 kepboard that endes up with more food in it than my fridge at times and I open it up an dwash it rather than wait until it dies and I fork out another 80.

    Have a nice day

  2. Thanks for the answer Walker.
    Those are a sort of sour sweet fruit originally from Malaysia.

  3. back after a long time.. thats a nice pic on the banana leaf.. i love bek's pic too, in the header!

    i can't believe i am missing out on the sounds and smells of onam, sitting in this place. but anyway.. hope you have some updates on the season in here :)


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