04 August 2007

lovely sunshine

It's been sunny for two days now. Today in fact it was warm and humid out when I had to go into town for various errands. But oh, what bliss it was to have the sun out. I didn't even mind feeling hot, because I am so fed up of the rain! Today, I got to get some clothes dry and now--as I sit at my window at 5 p.m. there is the usual breeze outside. Lovely, lovely, lovely. Here's hoping we'll get a couple more days sunshine at least, more so as my grandson is visiting with his dad.


  1. Could you tell me how to open a skype account?Or at least direct me to the source if information?

  2. HHG, just google for skype and when you get the official site, download the skype setup. the instructions are given on the site. then open the setup program and it will run you through the installing. Once it's up, you have to start a skype account for which also instructions are given. once you have a skype account, you can add contacts, the easiest being by asking them their skype names. once that's done you can talk to them using a headphone set with mike attached, or with speakers and separate mike. if you have a webcam also then there's nothing like it.

  3. where are you ? Not to be seen or heard...


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