31 August 2007

Post Onam

Now that i'm back at my computer, here are some Onam time pictures:-

Natural pookalam;

Wild flowers in the hills;

Last, a butterfly on the wing.

26 August 2007

Happy Onam

Happy Onam to all. My husband and I are spending it with my kids out of town. As I'm not at my own computer I can't put up the pictures on my camera. So will have to make do with other pictures.

22 August 2007

Here's one more picture. It's of the heliconia, growing jungle-like in the side yard.

21 August 2007

Just wanted to say that the picture in my header is also from around here, taken by my daughter- in-law, last monsoons. This year too, during the monsoons, there were days looking like that.
Incidentally, we have the rain back today and now the sounds from outside my window are a steady, light, drip-drip and a loud chorus of crickets/cicadas. There are no bird sounds today. Certainly not my day to listen to Latin jazz 'cos to me listening to Latin jazz needs a breezy, lightly sunny afternoon :)
So listening to classical piano instead.

19 August 2007

Irumban Puli

Some more pictures of the flora around. I don't know what the botanical name of this plant is. The fruits are fairly small and are green even when ripe and are very sour--called irumban puli here. The flowers are really small. Does this tree grow anywhere in North India I wonder.

18 August 2007

Rambutan pictures

Just some pictures I took a while back of rambutans. I so love the contrast of red & green!

These I arranged on a banana leaf.

14 August 2007

Onam's coming!

It's a lovely lovely Onam-time kind of day out today--in fact it's been like that since Sunday. Funny really, because Sunday was 'Karkida vaavu' (new moon) and in years gone by, that was supposed to be the time when there was supposed to be the last of the really heavy rain for the South West monsoons. But whatever, it's beautiful out. I do love this time of the year here.
Here's a little share of the day outside:)

As you can see I'm listening to jazz, the perfect accompaniement for a breezy afternoon.
Now playing: Ella Fitzgerald - The Very Thought Of You
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11 August 2007

more K

Well, K's back again with both his parents now and is he happy!

08 August 2007

K without mom

Yes, K was here with his dad for 3 days. This time though he didn't want to come to school with me cos he was really worried that his dad might also disappear while he was away from the house. So, while I went to work, he kept his grandad on his toes! Luckily for grandad, I only work mornings :)
But we had a great time. I think the highlight though was when we spoke to 'Amrika' on Skype. K just couldn't believe that his uncle and aunt were actually there on the computer smiling and waving at him! He just kept smiling and laughing, he was so thrilled. Apparently next morning he came to the computer, sat in front of it and called out for his aunt and uncle and wondering why they didn't respond. Anyway, that was sufficient incentive for K's dad to get over his fear of using Skype--hopefully.

04 August 2007

lovely sunshine

It's been sunny for two days now. Today in fact it was warm and humid out when I had to go into town for various errands. But oh, what bliss it was to have the sun out. I didn't even mind feeling hot, because I am so fed up of the rain! Today, I got to get some clothes dry and now--as I sit at my window at 5 p.m. there is the usual breeze outside. Lovely, lovely, lovely. Here's hoping we'll get a couple more days sunshine at least, more so as my grandson is visiting with his dad.

02 August 2007

Tagged by HHG

Hiphop Grandmom had tagged me a long long while ago, to do the thinking blogger tag. I really am sorry that I took so long to do the tag. I’ve been doing a number of things and not really using my comp all that much. So here is the tag at last.

Firstly let me say that I really liked the way the way HHG did the tag. So I have decided to do a group thing like hers. Now for me to tell you about the blogs that make me think—

  1. Blogs by psychologists: I am deeply in interested in psychology and that kind of thing, besides which I go through phases of real depression. So I am always attracted to blogs of that kind. In that category there were two. One is Make the Most of U : This was one of the earliest blogs I read. I was feeling tired and depressed and also looking for blogs written by women. This blog gave me a big lift. Pam is a professional of course and so many of her topics are meant to be inspiring. The second one was called Love Honor and Dismay. Unfortunately Dr. Andrew, the blogger, has quit blogging for now.
  2. Then there are 2 older people’s blogs, both of which I found when I was searching for blogs for my mother by people nearer her age.The first one is Dot’s thoughts. I love her blog because she is so inspiring. Dot is not in the flush of youth. But the amount she does is truly amazing and an inspiration. The other blog is Monk’s progress. He really does make me think.
  3. The 3rd group is people who try to find things to be happy about. One blog is the Daily Three. Shari is an inspiration for the way she deals with the difficulties in her life. There are more of those
  4. Then of course there are all the many Indian bloggers I read, mostly women though. I confess that I read mostly women’s blogs. There is Hiphop grandmom, and 3inone’s blog(though she too says she’s off blogging for while) and Rohini’s blog and various blogs I read off other’s blogs but haven’t added to my blog roll yet.
  5. As a 5th I want to add Blogher, which is not technically a blog but a group of women bloggers only. It is fascinating because you can find—and read clips—from blogs by women on all kinds of subjects. Anyone can join up too.

I’m not tagging anyone. But anyone who reads this is welcome to take up the tag.