23 June 2007

We have been having truly torrential rain for the last week almost accompanied by really strong winds. So the power situation was seriously in trouble with all the trees we have around. So yesterday there was no getting on the computer. Today power--with the correct voltage--was finally restored around 2p.m, but after that too there were breaks. So it's only now, when I feel pretty sure the power isn't going to go off again, that I have got computer time. Anyway today there was a welcome lull in the rain with a watery sun shining through for about 4 hours. Very, very welcome.


  1. Oh what a delightful blog ! i was in Kerala till 8th of june, Coorg, Malabar, Silent valley spent some time with Attapadi tribals, no rain, i came back disappointed. Last year it started raining by the end of May itself. I love chasing rain. i walk in the rain like a fool in Kerala, hate umbrellas. i am always there to receive the first drops of rain on my body, last year in Wynad. Any way i am going again. Which is your place if i may ask

  2. I'm off to experience the sights and sounds of monsoon drenched Kerala

  3. oh hillgrandmom,
    i know it's a pain when you are actually there but all these posts about rain and more rain is making so nostalgic.
    and i love the pics of your garden:)

  4. monsoon in Kerala has to be enjoyed with steaming tea, paruppu vadas and an interesting book in hand.Power cuts that come as a bonus are ofcourse unwelcome.Have done a bit on thinking blogger award.care to take it up and pass it on?

  5. Hey Hill G Mom

    I heard about the torrential rains in the South of India. was on the news today too.

    Thanks for visiting my blog :-) Actually the one you visited has been lying idle and sorely neglected due to serious lack of time.

    My active blog is

    Hope to c u there too :-)

    Take care.


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