24 June 2007

Today was really bright and sunny. The moon is waxing. So I guess we'll get a few more days of sunshine--or at least lighter rain. Just now--at 9p.m. as I sit at the comp with the windows open beside my desk, I'm being serenaded by a full-throated frog chorus and I can see the occasional firefly. They usually start appearing during lulls in the monsoon. Very peaceful.


Esbee said...

Lovely! I wish I had a chorus of frogs!

We've had thunderstorms the last few nights, but we don't get the rainfall you get at all.

I've sent you a few things. Check your gmail! :)

3inone said...

we don't have a frog chorus. Just one deep throated bull frog who sings a mournful soliloquy.

Shari said...

Lovely visual picture! I don't really hear any frogs, but I do get a cricket chorus. :)

Dotm said...

Haven`t heard the croaking of the frogs in a few years now. Where I grew up we heard them a lot at night, then for a couple years we had frogs around my daughter`s swimming pool. They ewould get so loud that I could hear them at my home next door to my daughter`s place. So far no crickets, but the hotter weather has just started.
We have had a lot of thunderstorms lately.