05 June 2007

I've been re-reading the Harry Potter books, in preparation for the latest one and have been so immersed I haven't even felt like blogging!!! I have been so enjoying myself. Have the 5th & 6th to finish.
I have been wanting to put up some pictures I took with my phone, for a while anyway. So here are the pictures.

A lovely red carpet from my gulmohar tree in bloom.

gulmohars on the car.

This is some kind of a lily I think, which blooms just for a day. When you actually see it, it seems more purplish. On the left is the picture taken with my phone & on the right is a picture taken with a good camera (shows doesn't it?)


Me said...

oooh good idea about the Harry Potter books.
I should re-read them too.
Lovely pics - your camera phone quality is so good compared to mine!

christina said...

I love Harry Potter. I have to catch up on them though... I think I read up to #4 also.
Those pics are lovely. I actually took some pictures of some flowers in my backyard the other day. I will get around to posting them soon.

Geets said...

Oh, the gulmohur!!! It fills me with nostalgia and memories of my childhood in Hyd'bad and Bangalore. We had a lovely gulmohur tree which spread its canopy all over the garden and in summer, there would be a red carpet below it just as in the pic you've posted.

3inone said...

ur post reminded me to get all the HP books out and read them. am so looking forward to the last book.

Anonymous said...

I love gulmohur . The pictures are quite nice . The cameraphone is quite handy isnt it ? I took some lovely pics in Puri recently . Ah Happy Rotter - Im reading the Half Blood Prince now !

Eve - too lazy to log in but not to lazy to comment !

Dotm said...

Such a pretty flowerto last only one day. Has to be special when you are lucky enough to see the open blossom.
I have never heard of a gulmohar tree. Looks like it must have been very loaded with the flowers.Must be pretty when in full bloom.

Esbee said...

Closeups are hard with my cameraphone, though I got a decent Magnolia flower one this week. (You can see it on my blog). Those things are 10 inches across, though, so I'm not sure that qualifies as a closeup.