05 June 2007

I've been re-reading the Harry Potter books, in preparation for the latest one and have been so immersed I haven't even felt like blogging!!! I have been so enjoying myself. Have the 5th & 6th to finish.
I have been wanting to put up some pictures I took with my phone, for a while anyway. So here are the pictures.

A lovely red carpet from my gulmohar tree in bloom.

gulmohars on the car.

This is some kind of a lily I think, which blooms just for a day. When you actually see it, it seems more purplish. On the left is the picture taken with my phone & on the right is a picture taken with a good camera (shows doesn't it?)


  1. oooh good idea about the Harry Potter books.
    I should re-read them too.
    Lovely pics - your camera phone quality is so good compared to mine!

  2. I love Harry Potter. I have to catch up on them though... I think I read up to #4 also.
    Those pics are lovely. I actually took some pictures of some flowers in my backyard the other day. I will get around to posting them soon.

  3. Oh, the gulmohur!!! It fills me with nostalgia and memories of my childhood in Hyd'bad and Bangalore. We had a lovely gulmohur tree which spread its canopy all over the garden and in summer, there would be a red carpet below it just as in the pic you've posted.

  4. 3inone6:11 pm

    ur post reminded me to get all the HP books out and read them. am so looking forward to the last book.

  5. Anonymous10:08 am

    I love gulmohur . The pictures are quite nice . The cameraphone is quite handy isnt it ? I took some lovely pics in Puri recently . Ah Happy Rotter - Im reading the Half Blood Prince now !

    Eve - too lazy to log in but not to lazy to comment !

  6. Such a pretty flowerto last only one day. Has to be special when you are lucky enough to see the open blossom.
    I have never heard of a gulmohar tree. Looks like it must have been very loaded with the flowers.Must be pretty when in full bloom.

  7. Closeups are hard with my cameraphone, though I got a decent Magnolia flower one this week. (You can see it on my blog). Those things are 10 inches across, though, so I'm not sure that qualifies as a closeup.


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