08 May 2007

On Sunday, husband & I had taken my brother and wife to Fort Kochi. We dropped my sis-in-law off at the airport and went back to Fort Kochi to stay the night at the Ballard Bungalow. Lovely place!
It was a relaxed weekend although rather warm. Fort Kochi really is a nice place to hangout in.
Tomorrow my brother and I are going to Bangalore and will probably be back only by 15th evening or 16th morning. It's unlikely that I will be able to get time to blog while I'm travelling. So any blogging will be only after I get back.


  1. Wow! That'a cool ife you've got out there. I envy you.

    And thanks for dropping by and comenting

  2. Have a great time hillgmom.Will be visiting b'lore in june.

  3. Having a good time I see ! We loved Fort Kochi and will go back again next year maybe- the chocolate cake at Kashi's , the fish on the waterfront , the little bookshop named Idiom - the tiny cafe run by somr Uncle in the lane next to Kashi's where we had some divine ishtoo, appams,squid and banana puffs ( not me though)
    Lucky lucky you!

  4. sorry that should read some


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