01 May 2007

more on being an urbanite

After all the comments I got, I thought I had enough to say for a mini post :)

I was born and lived in cities mostly, till a year after my marriage, when I came to live here. What I missed most--and which on some days even now I miss--is the anonymity a big city has. Then there are all the varied cultural events that take place; naturally in a metropolis, the variety of happenings means that there's something for everyone, if not often, at least once in 3 months say.

But to that I have to add that I am truly glad that I got to bring up my children here, with so much space around and with family all around and the really remarkable school they were able to go to. I think that on the whole my children have happy memories of their growing up and all their vacations, with so many cousins to play with and so much safe open space to play in. City life, when I grew up, is surely different from today's urban living. So all said and done, it's nice to be able to look out at trees and hear bird calls. But for me, an occasional visit to a city is really enjoyable.

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  1. You are most welcome to the city of Dubai....


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