04 May 2007

I just went for a typical Kerala Hindu wedding feast, with all the various curries and 2 payasams(sweet dish) and I feel like a caterpillar about to burst/moult! Well, luckily since it's all vegetarian and not too much saturated fat, I'll feel ok soon.
Yesterday's post had the picture of a woodpecker--like one of three that were outside my window. Here are 2 more pictures of what lies outside my window. one is a tapped rubber tree (the clearest I could get from the window with my phone) and the other is of the lilies which are in bloom now that there are the occasional rain showers.


  1. And you made me hungry.
    And I changed my mind and decided to go for hindu wedding feast on Sunday.
    I am longing to have two kinds of payasam and pineapple pachadi.

  2. hmm am not very hungry as its very hot but yes I am cooking fish in a light mustard sauce for lunch today and mango chutney - mine's with Sugar free natura!

  3. I really wish that the items served in Hindu weddings would be reduced to half the present no.The food is tasty but with the kind of sedentary life we lead we cannot digest so much variety.I can hear you say 'the choice is your's.But mostly we have people serving food and they are in such a tearing hurry that we don't get time to decide.

  4. What is that saying, "What passes our lips ends up on our hips?"

    I didn't really get hungry until I read the other comments. LOL.

    I was going to comment on the varieties of trees you have. We only have one big maple tree in our front yard. No trees in back.

    Ok, I'm off to find a crunchy, juicy red apple. ;)


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