16 May 2007

Have not had easy access to the computer for the last week. How I was dying to get to a computer--with Internet. Only comp I got to check was on a dial-up, which was so slow!!
Well, was once more in a big city. Was in Bengalooru. The traffic is mad and it's so hot there now, it felt worse than it does here in Kerala, as compared to what it used to be even 10 years ago. All the old Bangalorians feel mad as hell and so so nostalgic for the old days! I'm not going to add to all the numerous comments already being made on what Bangalore needs!
Just wanted to say that I had my fill of urbanity(wrong usage i know, but seems to fit), though had some fun anyway, going to Corner House for dessert and wandering around Forum all by myself, for around an hour. Also got to see that Metro place--warehouse shopping is what its called is it?
But really glad to be back to breeze and quiet and fast Internet connection--the last very important.


  1. Home is where the heart is. You might want to get out and look at the world, but there's always this part of you that is so glad to be back home. I know I do.

  2. It's always fun to see home after travelling everywhere. Seeing the other side, sometimes makes home seem so much sweeter.
    Am glad you are back at faster connection.
    And yeah, I did take the picture on my header :)

  3. yes, it is nice to be back home, although an occasional bit of urbania is good

  4. Heya!!!Welcome back!!!!
    Hope you had a great time....
    Btw, you are tagged! See to-day's post on my blog for the details...

  5. Welcome home!

    I love travelling but feel slightly off-kilter until I get back to my own nest.

  6. Hi can almost feel the breeze ... slow coonections in Bengalooru ???!!!

  7. well, the only connection nearby was dial-up!! out at IT park presume it's at lightning speed.


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