23 April 2007

A tag

Haven't blogged for a while. Have been busy and so just never got round to doing this tag that Hipgrandmom had tagged me with a long while back. Here it is done at last!

Three things I’d like to do
1. Travel all over the world
2.Have the ability to be invisible atleast once.
3. Become trim

Three things I hate to do
1. Say good bye to my children when they travel far.
2. Cook at short notice
3. Listen to malicious gossip (conversations where someone or the other is being run down, behind their backs)

Three people whom I’d like to meet
1.Stephen Hawking
2.The Dalai Lama
3.Dot over there.

Three things I long to have
It’s funny, I can’t think of a single thing I long to have!

Three things that make me glad
1. Having long chats with my daughter (sons will rather die than do that!)
2. Going on holiday with my family
3. A lovely breezy day like we get here post monsoon.

Three things that make me sad
1. The continuing poverty in our country
2. My own inability to do anything about it
3. Watching one’s child suffer knowing that you can never really bear their suffering for them.

Three things that break my heart
1.The sorrow of a mother who loses her child
2. The abuse of small defenceless children
3.Injustice anywhere

Three things that I like to dream about
Only thing I dream about—travelling to far off places!!

Three things that need to be stopped
1. Wars-using force to settle arguments rather than discussion
2.The use of the religious card by politicians.
3. Bringing up children with prejudices.

I didn't want to tag anybody specific. Anyone's welcome to do this tag.


  1. Yhanx for taking up the tag,We share so much in common.Saw your family photos.you are a close knit group.Enjoy the luxury.

  2. Just stopped by to say love the photo in your profile. Classic. P.s. I've travelled a bit of the world and have met the dalai lama. Are you jealous ?

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  4. looks like someone had a ball at Chennai - ! Glad to knwo you enjoyed the break - I am dying for one myself .

  5. You seem very down to earth and happy with what you have.

    I, too, would love to travel. See Paris, *Ireland*, Hawaii, etc. Oh, well.

    Take care.

  6. I feel you on the ars should definitly be stopped, such pain/suffering for the soldier's parents && friends:[

  7. *wars (spelling mistake)

  8. Thanks , I would also be very happy to meet you.
    It sure would be nice if all countries could learn how to talk things over and decide what is best for everyone without using force. I hate seeing all those young people killing and being killed, leaving young ones without their Father and I feel for all their loved ones. What does war accomplish besides making more enemies and causing more pain everywhere.

  9. Anonymous1:24 pm

    i also dream of travelling all over the world ! wish we cud team up! :)


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