12 April 2007

Haven't posted in a long while. But then there's was lots going on. The last of my family left only on March 1st and then it was Passion Week and we headed to the beach for the long weekend. There are lots of pictures of that here.
But now this weekend is the festival of Vishu and time for one of the loveliest Kerala trees, 'kanni konna', (cassia fistula). So here's a picture of the tree to wish all a Happy Vishu.


3inone said...

Happy Vishu. A Konna in full bloom is such a lovely sight.
I came across your blog through 'Me'. Really enjoyed your posts.

Esbee said...

Very pretty tree!

We have our dogwoods flowering now. Cherry and pear trees were last week. Magnolias will be later.

Dogwoods are my favorites, though.

eve's lungs said...

Lovely picture ..we have poila baishakh , ie Bengali new year tomorrow.. Its hot but the kamini,jasmine and raat ki rani is flowering

Hip Grandma said...

happy vishu hill g'mom!The photograph was very good.

hillgrandmom said...

thanks all. taken with my phone. there was an even lovelier sight of one of these trees-with no green visible entwined with a magenta bougainvillea tree--mindblowing. But unfortunately we were a little time bound at that point and so couldn't stop to take a snap.