24 January 2007

Peaceful easy feeling.

It's 3 p.m. Am sitting at my computer which is just beside the open window. Outside lie the 'woods', consisting of rubber trees, coconut palms, and teak and jackfruit trees. Through the trees a gentle breeze wafts in, cooler than expected. The floor of the woods are covered with dry leaves--it's the shedding season here now--and rustles with the slightest movement. A little while ago a small monitor lizard ran really fast through the leaves and up the nearest coconut palm. The birds all seem to be having their noon siesta. the occasional squirrel runs through. Brazilian jazz plays on the internet radio. Blissful!
Incidentally, my mother's much better. The doctors told her it's just vertigo. So she and I are planning on going shopping to Cochin on Saturday. She told me that someone told her that as long as she is alive, she ought to live fully. Way to go!!!! I totally agree I told her. So here's to our trip to Cochin. Hope we'll be able to to do Bangalore in April.


  1. Hi, Glad to hear your Mom is doing much better. I am sure it means a lot to her when you take her shopping with you.
    Have a great time together.

    I have heard birds singing a lot the past few days. Surprising to hear them when it is so very cold outside. Most ended up staying and not heading south this winter. Guess they like visiting my back porch with all the different feeders with different kinds of birdseeds, plus the suet hanging there. Even the little woodpeckers stayed this winter. I enjoy hearing the birds singing outside my windows.

  2. Hi. I'm so glad your mom is okay.

    The way you describe your home, it makes me want to live there. Here it's 22 degrees, snowy and not a coconut tree in site.

  3. Dot, ~mel, since where I live is just a bit north of the equator, we have no winter. The coldest it ever gets is around 20C and that is considered winter!

  4. I would love to have like, 75-80 degree F weather year round. I wouldn't know what that is in Cs. I remember doing a formula to convert F degrees to Cs, but I am too lazy to look it up.

    Thanks for doing the tag.

  5. Shari C/5=F-32/9 :) 20C is around 68F. It's usually around the 75-80 degree F and very high humidity.


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