19 January 2007

I knew I was boring, but not this boring! I've written a number of posts but not anyone seems to have read it:(
Ok that's the whine over.
Yesterday I took a break. I took off from School no.2 and went with husband & son to Cochin. They were going on some work & I thought why not go along. It had been quite a while since I had gone to Cochin. Besides, I thought this was as good a way as any to get to spend some length of time with my son, though only on the periphery, as both father and son were busy with work. But it's been a really long time since I got to spend so much time with him.
Fortuitously their appointment was at a place next door to FabIndia. This was the only shopping I had wanted to do, cos I wanted to buy something for my sis' birthday. I am not an avid shopper, but FabIndia is one place I love!
Then my mum had wanted me to go look at diamond earrings. So I went to 2 diamond jewellry shops--which incidentally is not my cup of tea normally, while husband and son waited patiently.
We had lunch at a nice sea-food place.
Then we visited the Basilica of St. Mary at Vallarpadam, which is supposed to be particularly for prayers for one's children. I have been quite a few times. I like going there and I guess in some ways it's a sort of connection to my childhood living very close to Mt. Mary Church in Mumbai.
I had a nice day!


  1. It's always nice to just take a day off and just get a few thing out of the way. Even if you didn't have one-on-one time with your son, you were there. Thanks for sharing.

    BTW, You've been tagged. You can write about 10 things that define your style. I have written mine already. I surfed other blogs to get a feel of what to write.

  2. Sorry I haven`t been here more often, but spending 3 x a week in therapy, then seeing two Drs has kept me busy. All I feel like doing when I come home from therapy is resting i am so tired. I sometimes get on the net and fall asleep in my chair. But, I do enjoy reading your posts .

  3. Shari, will do the tag. I've also been looking at other blogs to get a feel of the tag.

  4. Hi, I am from Kottayam too. I am sure I know you, or atleast we know some people in common :) Did my schooling in Corpus (just cant bring myself to say Pallikkoodam, since the name was changed after I passed out).

    Great job with the blog :)


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