05 January 2007

Bluer than Blue

After you go
I can catch up on my reading,
after you go
I'll have a lot more time for sleeping,
and when you're gone
it looks like things are going to be a lot easier,
life will be a breeze you know
I really should be glad
but I'm bluer than blue
sadder than sad
life without you is going to be
bluer than blue.
(Barry Manilow)

So my grandson has finally gone, after being here for 10 days, of which 6 nights and around 5 and a half days was without his parents. I was on auto pilot all those days and running around behind him as we have a great deal of open space without any real walls. Then there was the adjusting to sleeping with a baby again (yes, we belong to that category of parents who had their little ones sleep with them till they were at least 2) and losing sleep trying to pacify him in the nights when he cried for his mama. There certainly was no time for reading, blogging, or even to check my mail. I could quite understand why my daughter needed a break.
But, the joys of cuddling a little one to sleep, of seeing him discover the world around ant by ant, learning the skills of arranging, of a sticky kiss, the fun of hearing him learn new words and the bestest--getting a truly loving happy smile from him. Oh K I miss you so, much more than I thought.


  1. I think it's so neat to see the world through a child's eyes. So innocent. So curious. So trusting.

    I imagine it was so hard for the little one to be without his mama-separating anxiety can be a rough road.

    Glad to see you blogging again.

  2. Happy New Year!

    My four year old is a Night Nomad. He falls asleep in his own bed, but always gets up and into our bed in the middle of the night. He then cuddles in and lays one small hand on his own cheek. I adore it. The oldest was the same way until about five and a half.

  3. Sweet blog about K...the poem is apt...

  4. cuddling with him I really miss. Well hopefully by next Christmas he will come on his own volition :)

  5. Happy New Year!!! hillgrandmom and here's to hoping K come back to spend more time with you

  6. Hi, I don`t think you mentioned how old little K is. There is nothing more enjoyable than cuddling up with a little one.
    The house must seem a bit empty now without him.

  7. Hillgrandmom, I meant to ask you how your Mom is doing now? Hope she is feeling much better. I wish her the very best health in the new year.

  8. Thanks all. K is 18 months old. Dot, my mother is much better and today voluntarily decided to sit at the computer today. She is even hoping to go visit her brother during my vacation.


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