04 December 2006

My absence from the Net

The time since my last post has truly been filled with events. Let me see, day by day, and hoping nobody will get bored--
I was part of a school play, at one of the schools I go to, which was being put up by the teachers for the students. You see, we celebrate Children's Day on Nov. 14th. Since the teachers couldn't quite get their act together on that date, they put up the play later. It was a spoof on the musical Oliver, (why Oliver, cos the students had done that fairly recently) and since I am a music teacher I had to provide back up for the singing with my guitar. The play was on Nov. 29th. Besides, at the preschool that I go to, we had a Christmas sale, by the mothers--1st sale of the season--on Dec. 1st!.
In the meantime we went to Munnar, my husband & I, just for the 25th night. By the time we got back Sunday-26th- my daughter, husband & grandson--came home. My daughter had work near here for a week and so we were to babysit K. So till he and his mom left yesterday, life was truly hectic.
But what an enjoyable week! Too bad I don't have any pictures.
K came with me to the preschool most days, and seemed to enjoy himself thoroughly. One of the days I even took him for a practice of the play. A couple of days I left him with his granddad. He had a ball and my husband admitted that grandchildren are special--they get away with things one's children never could! K managed to get Grandpa to feed him his cereal (hardly ever done for any of his kids), got him to get up from his Yoga to walk on the treadmill--one of K's favourite pastimes and generally got away with alot. Grandpa enjoyed himself though.
But now, even though I have time to blog, time to check my mail, time to laze around, there's that little something missing. The house seems so quiet. Anyway, it's all good practice for later this month, when K's parents plan to take a 2nd honeymoon, leaving K with us for 6 days. So now we can look forward to having K with us in around 24 days time.


  1. Glad to note that you had a great time.
    Please visit my blog dated 2Dec and the subsequent one. Small surprise

  2. Thanks Gmom:) will check it out definitely..and think of you when i bake some really good pies:)have a glorious day!

  3. Anonymous5:52 am

    Hello. Here are some links with all kinds of xmas joy on them. :P




    I hope that helps!

  4. Anonymous9:56 am

    I need to make your blog a special one for me. It always makes me feel so warm to read it.

    It's amazing that we could be on opposite sides of the world and still be so much alike. A true testament to motherhood.

    I really enjoy you.

    And grandchildren ARE special. I can see it in my parents. I wonder what it will be like to know that feeling someday.

  5. Thanks so much Mama H! I am truly touched.
    Thanks Paulina for all the links. Shall decorate my blog as soon as I get time.


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