28 December 2006

This is the last post I'll be able to put in till the 3rd of Jan at least, as we are babysitting our grandson, while his parents go off to Thailand today. They'll be back Jan 3rd. Already I feel sad cos of empathizing with his upset when he doesn't see his parents at night. Well, here' s hoping everything will go off ok and that he will be fine with his Appachen & Ammachy.
Meantime 'myspace all.

18 December 2006

Another evening

Now for this evening--today I went to hear a String Quartet play, yes here in Kottayam! The quartet was composed of young men from Kottayam I think and they were good, at least, to my 'starved for this kind of music' ears. It was a really enjoyable evening and quite unexpected. Only grouse is that some of the audience were total philistines as concerning Western Classical Music:)
Anyway my sis-in-law's group, who did this as a fund-raising event, gave me for one, a great time!

A touching evening.

Last week, my mother's younger brother and wife had come visiting her from Bangalore . She and her brother are the last surviving siblings of their 8 sibling family. It was quite an achievement as my uncle has a heart problem, a stent after a kidney problem, had been treated for prostate cancer and TB , besides which his wife is in the early stages of senile dementia.! They are both 86. They came only because my brother--who is in India at present--escorted them here and back.
Well, anyway, my mom and her bro were really happy to see each other as it's been more than 3 years and they had almost given up the thought that they could see each other. They got to spend 4 days with each other. They had a lovely time.
The evening I'm talking about was on Thurs. 14th, the day after my uncle and aunt came. My mother asked me to bring a guitar along. I borrowed one from someone and spent around an hour and half at the flat that evening. It was so sweet, my uncle had brought a song book for my mum with old English songs that they used to sing. So I played the guitar and the 4 of us sang. My brother was busy working. But he too joined for a couple of songs. He left after a bit though--when he couldn't keep his eyes from filling up.
We sang a number of songs. It was amazing how my aunt--who can't remember a number of people or even where she is exactly sometimes--could sing along to all her favourite songs! She still has a good voice too. There were times when I had to turn my head away and I couldn't sing any more because I was weeping. They were singing away but sort of accepting the fact that this kind of evening was extremely unlikely to happen again. It really brought to me the spirit of Christmas.

09 December 2006


My mother has been discharged from the hospital and is back home. A relief! She seems to have had diverticulitis. She isn't 100% fit yet, but she's really happy to be home I must say.
Well then Season's Greetings all.

08 December 2006

Just time for a quick post. My mother's in hospital. She was admitted on Tuesday morning. She had bad diarrhea and vomiting and so got severely dehydrated and she had some bad infection obviously. It maybe her diverticulitis having become inflamed or just some other infection. Anyway, she's better but still in hospital. I want to blog about some of the stuff we talk about when we sit together in the hospital, but have not enough time to think it out and write.
Anyway, I hope she will be out by Tomorrow or latest Sunday.

04 December 2006

My absence from the Net

The time since my last post has truly been filled with events. Let me see, day by day, and hoping nobody will get bored--
I was part of a school play, at one of the schools I go to, which was being put up by the teachers for the students. You see, we celebrate Children's Day on Nov. 14th. Since the teachers couldn't quite get their act together on that date, they put up the play later. It was a spoof on the musical Oliver, (why Oliver, cos the students had done that fairly recently) and since I am a music teacher I had to provide back up for the singing with my guitar. The play was on Nov. 29th. Besides, at the preschool that I go to, we had a Christmas sale, by the mothers--1st sale of the season--on Dec. 1st!.
In the meantime we went to Munnar, my husband & I, just for the 25th night. By the time we got back Sunday-26th- my daughter, husband & grandson--came home. My daughter had work near here for a week and so we were to babysit K. So till he and his mom left yesterday, life was truly hectic.
But what an enjoyable week! Too bad I don't have any pictures.
K came with me to the preschool most days, and seemed to enjoy himself thoroughly. One of the days I even took him for a practice of the play. A couple of days I left him with his granddad. He had a ball and my husband admitted that grandchildren are special--they get away with things one's children never could! K managed to get Grandpa to feed him his cereal (hardly ever done for any of his kids), got him to get up from his Yoga to walk on the treadmill--one of K's favourite pastimes and generally got away with alot. Grandpa enjoyed himself though.
But now, even though I have time to blog, time to check my mail, time to laze around, there's that little something missing. The house seems so quiet. Anyway, it's all good practice for later this month, when K's parents plan to take a 2nd honeymoon, leaving K with us for 6 days. So now we can look forward to having K with us in around 24 days time.