15 November 2006

Got some time to spend on the computer after quite a while. Was out with a stomach bug and then when I did get the free time, either there was lightning & thunder or no current. Besides, our modem burnt out during a bad thunderstorm last Saturday. We got a new modem only on Monday evening and then I couldn't get my computer to start.
So I was busy reading. I read a couple of Georgette Heyer--read before but still so enjoyable. Then I read 'Kite Runner'. Had the time to read at one sitting as I was resting after the stomach bug. It was a lovely book. Only there was little bit in between, where I thought the story was too much like a Hindi movie. (I'm sure I'll bring down the ire of many readers with that!) Then read a book called 'Watership Down', which my daughter-in-law says is a classic, but about which I hadn't heard. I enjoyed it thoroughly.
After so much reading, I'm dying for more and so have decided I'll read through old favourites till I can get fresh reading material.


  1. Hey, I read Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini recently. Wonderful book.
    Who are your fav authors?

  2. nothing like that. I read all kinds of things depending on my mood and the time at my disposal:)

  3. Last week I was also down with flu and a nasty cough which still persists . I had a whale of a time though watching films - saw Omkara, Le Divorce , Dunston Checks In and the Travel and Living show whenever I was not watching the films - talk about relaxing .I didnt read though .

  4. yeah, sometimes an unexpected illness can be used for relaxation!

  5. Glad you are feeling better and your weather has improved so you can be back on the net. It sure does help fill in the long days when you can`t do much.
    I can`t wait for my arm to heal so I can (hopfully) be back making things in my woodshop. Also have crocheted gift items to finish before Christmas gets here. Can`t do much with one hand.
    So glad you are feeling well enough to be back posting. Nice that you were able to enjoy reading while you were resting. Hope you are feeling much better.

  6. Thanks for stopping by Dot hope you are better


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