15 October 2006

No computer for a week is hard!

My mother's not been well. She had a really bad backache, which totally upset her. She was staying with me for about a week. She then went back to her flat when my sister arrived day-before yesterday.

Anyway we now know that it's not anything earth-shaking, but just things she has to live with. She has bad osteoporosis. Then she had a fall 3 years back and had broken her thighbone near the hip. That bad been repaired with a pin put in. But because of her osteoporosis, the pin has sort of travelled in. That coupled with age related degeneration in her spinal column is what caused the pain.

What led upto it though, was that she sat for around 3-4 hours, in one day, at her PC! She said she was so busy playing sudoko on the comp that she didn't think to lie down, even though her back was hurting! She was quite relieved when the doc told her today that she could get up when her back felt a little less sore and sit for a bit at her PC--20 mins. She figures at least that. She's waiting for that. She's also missing writing her blog. I told her to write it out in a book and that I would put it up. I guess now that she's feeling better she might.


mrhaney said...

have her do that because i want to read it. i hope she is feeling better.

hillgrandmom said...

Thanks mrhaney, but she's still not ok. But she's planning to move the comp to another room where she can lie on the bed and look at it. She will have to get a cordless keyboard. She already has a cordless mouse. I hope we'll be able to do it soon.

techno malayali said...

hi hillgrandma
I happened to come to your blog through Sarah's. I admire your mother's enthusiasm to keep abreast with technological developments. I would like to read her blog. Please give the link. Old people's experiences are priceless!
Where do you live in Kottayam ? We recently bought a hse in Skyline River Valley, Kottayam

Hope your mom gets well soon

hillgrandmom said...

Her blog is the one named Chandy in my links section. Just click on that.
Which part of Kottayam is Skyline River Valley is situated in?

Immigrant in Canada said...

Hillgrandmom: Please please..ask your mother to write the stories.. Through her stories, I see my Ammachi's life at the same time..

Hip Grandma said...

loved your mom's blog.hats off to her.

hillgrandmom said...

thanks all for the comments about my mum's blog. I've been telling her to write it down. I'll get her to post soon.

techno malayali said...

I visited her blog. I simply loved it. May God give her health to keep writing because memories of those times are valuable and quite unknown to the new generation.

River valley is a new villa complex coming up in Muttambalam facing the Kodur river. We liked the view there. It is close to Erayilkadavu. Mostly NRIs there