02 October 2006

I've been tagged.

I was tagged by Hiphop Grandmom quite a few days back. I didn’t take it up till now. ‘cos for one I was down with flu and besides I was thinking hard about what to write.

Anyway, here goes; 9 things about me—weird or otherwise.

  1. I find it very difficult to lean on people. I can talk to anyone and ask about their problems and help out if necessary. But I find it extremely difficult to lean on anyone else—including my husband!
  2. I realise I’m pretty happy with my life as it is now and with me as I am now. I am really glad I’m no longer a teenager/growing young woman, who’s still in the process of discovering herself fully. I realise that I am still learning and changing. But I’m pretty grateful that youthful angst is over.
  3. I love animals and can relate to most animals, though mammals more I guess.
  4. I’m never bored if I’m alone.
  5. Like Hip Hop Grandmom, I have to make an effort to think about my appearance. Getting dressed up is one of the biggest hassles in my day I think. By preference I’m a very casual dresser.
  6. I think I’m happiest when I’m surrounded by young children. I feel one can truly be oneself with small children.
  7. I find it very, very difficult to talk about myself, which is why doing this tag is taking me so long:)
  8. I am not into cooking. I do the barest minimum and the faster the better. Lucky for me my husband isn’t too much into food!
  9. this makes me sheepish to say it but I love dancing—the freaking out, shakin’ it up kind—which I did when I was young and now do mostly in the privacy of my room to the lovely oldies music you get on the Net or Worldspace Radio.

Oh boy! What a relief to get that over. Now who to tag? Beks will you do this tag? Dotm, again! Momma knows best will you take it up? Maybe Baby Powder. That’s only 4. I don’t know who else to ask!


  1. Good responses and nice to hear that I am not alone in some of the things.Apart from being a casual dresser,response no.4 &8 apply to me also.Hope your flu is better.

  2. I`ll do my best, but I will need some time to think about what to say. I find it easy to write about things I am doing,or things from my past that were with other people, but writing about personal feeling will be harder to do.


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