12 May 2006

My daughter, or rather my daughter’s husband is planning to move to Mumbai form Chennai and I HATE the idea. I feel sad even thinking about it. I so much prefer the southern Indian states to bring up children. Mumbai has become so soulless. Also of course there is the fact that they’ll be moving much farther away from home. Then there is the strong family support that is available in Chennai as opposed to none at all in Mumbai. Is more money and prestige worth it? I really don’t know and I also know that I whatever my feelings, it’s their life and beyond giving my opinion, I have no other right. But I am sad.


  1. My parents feel the same way. My husband is looking for a job in Oregon, which is about 2000 miles away from where we live now. It's on the other side of the country. Really, we couldn't live any further away. We've always wanted to live there. My parents do not want us to go. They will be far from their grandchildren, who they only live 20 minutes from now and see almost daily. But, we really want to go. It's a good opportunity for more money, a better job and a better place to raise our children.

    But they are sad.

  2. Thank you Mamaholler for the younger person's perspective. i do know that ultimately it is their decision & i pray that God will help them make a decision that is best for them.

  3. I remember well how I missed my son who moved to another state where his wife`s family lived, after he married. He did get a much better paying job, but it was about a 5 hours drive one way to see him and we missed a lot of the 3 grandchildrens growing up years.
    But I remember feeling the same lost feeling when his twin bro went into the Navy. I guess we always hate seeing our kids moving away from home. Today all my children and their families except for one are within a 40 minutes drive from me. The one who moved back to our state ended up buying property over an hours drive from me, but I do see him often.
    So, don`t be surprised if your daughter and her family live far from you for years, and then decide to move back nearer you when they are older.
    Yes, we have to let them live their own life their way, but that doesn`t mean we won`t feel like we lost a part of ourself when they move.

  4. Thank you Dot for understanding.

  5. Awww... I feel so sad for you. I can hear the sorrow in your typing.


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