29 April 2006

On Growing Old

When I visit with my parents usually, my mother and just sit and chat about day-to-day stuff or maybe any of her problems. But today when I was visiting with her and we chatted, I realized how much old people dread being a drag on others, but at the same time so need to feel wanted and loved. In fact, the older you get, I think the greater the need for the warmth of love—just as one would give a little child.

My mother is an independent person and does not like to bother anyone. So if she gets no other visitors but me, she doesn’t complain. But how she loves it when her grandchildren or nieces and nephews visit. Today my daughter was in town with her little baby. She went over to visit with my mother. I know my mother totally enjoyed the company of her granddaughter and great grandson. But if my daughter hadn’t visited she wouldn’t have said anything though she would have been quite upset. The feeling I get is that as one grows older, being in the company of younger people makes one feel more alive, more in touch with the future—even though the that future may not have you in it.

Unfortunately, many old people do not inspire the love they deeply need, as easily as little children do. I am truly lucky my mother is someone I enjoy spending time with.

I just want to say to anyone reading this, if there is some old person in your life who you used to love when they were younger and who loved you, and you have been out of touch with them, let them know you remember them and that love.


  1. How interesting, my next post is going to be roughly on the same subject, inspired by a comment that someone made to me about my upcoming 30th birthday. Obviously that isn't old, but I do not fear getting older. I welcome it.

  2. Anonymous4:04 AM

    First thank you for visiting my blog, come back anytime. This time when I read this it really hit home how true the words you wrote. Since I talked to my daughter and granddaughter last night the change I felt was one of excitement, my heart was beating faster and I did feel younger and alive like I haven't in long time. Knowing they are coming down to see me and take me to my grandson's High School Graduation just made me feel like a different person. None my children or grandchildren live close. You can bet I will cherish everymoment I am around them. This was a beautiful and very true post. Thank you for posting it.

  3. Hi hillgrandmom,

    Came here via Sarah's blog. What a lovely write up. I just love the old folks in my life and can't think of a life without them. Wish I could have them around when I am old too :) You must read Jiby's take on this too.


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