01 April 2006

I've changed.

I started blogging entirely for myself. I hoped that by publishing my take on my life, I would gain a new perspective. I suddenly realise that I have gained and when I read the first blog I wrote, I can see I have changed. I feel far less depressed now. Of course I still don't think I'm the greatest. But I certainly feel much better about myself. Then it may also be because all the hormonal changes of menopause are finally wearing off! Incidentally, I just want to share with all those women going through menopause out there, I am truly greatful to be post-menopausal. I know I will have to be a bit more careful about my health, But I am truly glad. The peri-menopause was rough though. Anyway, I am soooo glad that's over. Life seems to be far less stressful now.

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