12 July 2020

Pandemic blues

As the pandemic seems to be increasing by leaps and bounds in my country and my state ( which had earlier managed to control the spread pretty well), I started getting the blues thinking about what the future holds for younger people and for economies of the world as a whole, where those already way down the income line, are suffering and will suffer the most.  I, for one, am comfortable with the idea that I may die with Covid.  But that does not make anything better for the rest of the world.
So now I work harder on keeping myself away from the blues with my ususal activities--listening to music (top on the list), exercise, reading and playing mindless computer games.  I also realise I am very lucky to have lots of fresh air and so many trees around me.  I am truly grateful for what I have.  I only pray for all my kids and grandkids and all the youngsters I know.
Stay safe everyone.

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