07 October 2018


My oldest would have turned 45 on the 5th.  Somebody asked me the other day whether the missing of a person who has died, lessens with time.  I said that the missing does not ever go away.  It just gets easier to bear the pain of the missing.
Also my granddaughter turned 9 the day after that and she had a great party, with a bunch of her friends home for a sleepover.  I like that the girls who are her friends range from a year younger to a couple of years older.
Very soon, I will turn 67.  I find now I don't care either way about a great number of things, and am happy where I am.  I am glad  that I work out because I feel taking care of myself is a way to keep me independent as long as possible.  I am happy that I work with children, because that always makes me feel as though I am in touch with the future.  I no longer feel the need to do anything just to show the world/society, that I can do something.  Now, if I do anything, it is because I want to do it.