02 June 2015

H is for Happiness

Happiness is apparently what everybody wants and is searching for.  But, the meaning of happiness is so personal and unique to each person, formed by our personalities, which in itself is fascinating.  For example many people say that love is essential to happiness; yet love itself, and the meaning and expression of love is different for each person.
For me, happiness lies in fleeting moments, which even the memory of, gives me joy.
Happiness is--family close by, an unexpected hug from little children, because given freely; a walk on a moonlit night, reading a Terry Pratchett, or P. G. Wodehouse or--the funniest book I have read--Rosie is my Relative by Gerald Durrell :-); listening to music, exercising to music, feeling one with the universe on a starry night; singing/jamming with family and friends; all of these bring happiness and leave happy memories.
Wishing each one happiness.
I am adding a link to this old post of mine about favourite things.

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