07 July 2013

When my son--he was my eldest--passed away, our family--my husband and I and our 3 children, with their families--were in Goa for a family holiday as my younger son had come for a visit from the US.  So we were all together.  My younger son had not visited India for 3 years.
My eldest fell ill on the last day of our holiday and passed away 4 days later.
The day he passed away, we had to move out of the hospital, where we had been camping and we were all given place to stay in a company guest house, through some kind friends.  The place was very near a quiet beach.  That night, we all of us walked down to the beach--a deserted beach, away from the tourist spots.  It was a dark, moonless night and all the stars were very bright.  There seemed to be just us on the beach.  And then away near the horizon, in a sky full of stars, I saw a shooting star, it's trajectory towards the horizon and I thought, that's him, that's my son.  He streaked across life, our lives and the life of so many others, like that.  The memory of that shooting star is very clear in my mind.
                        We are such stuff
                        As dreams are made of
                        And our little life
                        Is rounded with a sleep
                                                W. Shakespeare

I am happy to share that one of the things he was working on, on the Indian side, came to fruition recently --a treaty for the visually impaired