04 June 2013

The two month summer vacation is over.  It was a fairly busy two months.  My grandson, who is almost 8, came to stay as soon as his summer vacation started.  He was here for almost a month.  He was joined by his little sister--31/2--for about a week.  So April was taken care of that way.  In May, we went over to Chennai for around 10 days.  My husband and I drove there, something I always love to do, taking it easy, with an overnight break both on our journey there and back.  Hence we spent some more time with the grandchildren, daughter and daughter-in-law in Chennai.
When we got back I found my Lab Elsa was pregnant (mate unknown!!).  My daughter and family came back again towards the end of May, during which time Elsa whelped--which was truly momentous, leaving us all exhausted and drained.  But after all her agony and effort, there is only one pup surviving, though she gave birth to 8. (Full story of my being midwife here)
Now that schools have opened, I am back to work.  The monsoons seem to have started in earnest and so it is much, much cooler.  By next week the regular routine will be very much in place, a return to 'normal' life, something which seemed to have disappeared sometime in January.
And life goes on..........