21 February 2013

How does one ever deal with the finality of death?  How does one deal with the almost overnight disappearance of a loved one, so suddenly, so unexpectedly?  I know that our family is not the only one to suffer such a loss, but that does not make it any easier, for each person is unique, each circumstance different and each family different too.  I wonder how I and most of all my daughter-in-law, for whom her husband was her absolute best friend, can ever get through life/time, the months stretching ahead.  I can only ask for the good vibes from the universe to help us through.


  1. Oh, Susan. I ache for you. I am so, so incredibly sorry for your loss, for all who knew him's loss. I spent a good amount of time on that Facebook page and I am simultaneously astounded at his legacy and heartbroken by the grief.

    You are in my heart and prayers, my friend. May the peace which passes all understanding be with you and yours during this most difficult time.


  2. Anonymous8:11 PM

    I am so very sorry for your loss. Such a trite thing to say, but I am.
    I came across this blog yesterday and you have been on my mind the whole of last evening.
    unexpected things happen and life is never the same afterwards. Our own lives were indelibly altered when we lost our father to a heart attack several years ago.My dad was an active, dynamic and healthy man who was disciplined and joyous without any health issues. My sister and her husband were on their way home after going to the doctor to confirm her pregnancy, when she saw the people outside our home.
    Nothing is ever the same again, but physically nothing seems to have changed.
    I think of you and your family, but you most of all. Hugs to you and prayers to God that you heal.

  3. Thank you both of you for your comments. Lucy, though it's long in coming, thank you for taking the time to look at my son's facebook page.


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