21 February 2013

How does one ever deal with the finality of death?  How does one deal with the almost overnight disappearance of a loved one, so suddenly, so unexpectedly?  I know that our family is not the only one to suffer such a loss, but that does not make it any easier, for each person is unique, each circumstance different and each family different too.  I wonder how I and most of all my daughter-in-law, for whom her husband was her absolute best friend, can ever get through life/time, the months stretching ahead.  I can only ask for the good vibes from the universe to help us through.

13 February 2013

My eldest son died last Thursday--my beautiful, charming, intelligent, mischievous, musical, vital, talkative, annoyingly argumentative,, passionate about rights for the disabled, who could make anyone around him feel life is fun,  caring brother, cousin, son.  I am linking to the Facebook page a friend of his started for him.