07 May 2011

Have got a bit of quiet computer time today and so thought I would wish all the mothers I know Happy Mother's Day.  As I am in the US now, there is no way I could forget that day anyway.  Any which way you look, and whatever maybe the medium of communication, there are ads for Mother's day.

I feel good and bad about all the media hype that I see.  In the sense of the celebration of motherhood and what goes into it, all of which may not get enough appreciation otherwise(?), I feel good.  But the commercialization seems so much and it seems to me, from some of the messages I see in the media, its as though love is measured only by the value of the gifts you give your mom!  I would think Moms are the last people who would weigh their children based on the material gifts they get from them.  Ah well, I guess, goods have to get sold, and reasons made for getting people to buy them. :-)

Happy Mother's Day.