24 January 2011

After all the hectic activity I am now sick and I feel stupid because I am never sick for more than a couple of days normally--that is sick & so out of it and I feel like a malingerer.  I felt pretty ill on Friday and promptly saw the doc and was feeling much better by Sunday.  But come Monday morning and I'm feeling shivery & running a temperature!  Ah well.  Hopefully I'll be fine in a day or 2 more.

22 January 2011

The last month and half were hectic.  All my grandchildren (3 in total) visited us .  The last one left last week.  And, I was surprised to find that I felt as bleak as when, in those far-off days, my children left home for university.  It took me a day to get over it.   I may have felt so very down also because I know that now life is back in it's usual routine.

Well anyway, there is still a lot to look forward to, mainly a trip we plan later this year and in some ways going back to routine too is comfortable.  I am old enough to realise that for us seniors, like for children [:-)] routine may seem boring, but is most definitely comfortable.

01 January 2011

Last Decade

One more post on the first day of the year! Wonder whether I will post more the rest of the year too.

The last decade has seen a number of different happenings in my life.
My 3 children all got married in the past decade and I became a grandmother.
My parents both passed away and I became truly an adult. (As long as one has a loving parent living, one is always a child--at least to somebody!)
I went back to teaching--my first love--from working in the family business, which was not my cup of tea.
I admitted to myself that I had been quite badly depressed and was able to get out of it, blogging being a big help, and learnt to be gentle to myself.
I climbed over the mountain of menopause, and am I glad I'm on the other side :-D
I found out what I had always known--theoretically--that peace comes from deep within.

Peace to all

Happy New Year.

2010 is over and done with and is going, going, GONE!  Happy new year to all.  May 2011 be a happier, brighter, more peaceful year.