25 March 2010

This article in NY Times, makes me wonder where America--at least Republican America--is headed. Do they know they sound uncivilized and thoroughly undemocratic? I'm sure that there are very few countries where there are rightfully elected governments, where these kinds of threats from opposition parties would be made at all, let alone be condoned. Besides, if such threats had been issued in another country, by a party in opposition, to a legislation passed by the country's elected government, USA would be the first to decry such behaviour as undemocratic!!
It just makes me feel sad that a country which other countries looked up to--in a very distant past though that maybe--as a champion of democracy and right to think as one wishes, has come to this.

19 March 2010

I've been hibernating I guess (cos it's sooo hot here). My children and grandchildren were here for a visit; we went to visit the children too. Then after children & granddaughter from the US of A left, there was a school annual day, a puppy who was feeling very neglected (no time to spare for her with grandkids around), a cracked toe(although I don't type with my toes), which somehow meant my creative juices were just so dry and all I did in front of the computer was veg out playing games!!
My toe is getting better, school day is over and now that I have organized time for puppy to get sufficiently tired, I have no excuses left not to blog. So , care of Usha over at Agelessbonding who gave me a lovely award way back on Feb 23rd, here I am giving you 7 random facts about me, as accepting the award entail that. Since I have been blogging for 4 years now, I can't think what there is about me that I would not have already blogged about.
Anyways here goes:-
1. I have been keeping my hair short, getting shorter all the time, the last few years( so short that one of our society ladies asked me had I cut my hair or was it because of something else). The reason I have it short is cos I find that long hair gives me migraine in the heat. Besides, I don't dye my hair and can't see myself doing it ever and I love grey hair cut well.
2. Cigarette butts make me feel physically sick! Yuck, yuck, yuck. Luckily my husband doesn't smoke. Unfortunately some of my youngsters do and I tell them 'please, please, smoke outside & clean the butts yourself'.
3. My favourite childhood character was Enid Blyton's Mr. PinkWhistle, who went around doing good, while invisible. To this day, I think that is a terrific idea and I wish I could become invisible too.
4. If I had a chance I would be an animal whisperer. I love animals, rather that should be clarified to all mammals, (except rats) and am fascinated by other animals too.
5. I am lazy--tremendous inertia to start anything.
6. I'm not a big fan of air-conditioning, however hot--or cold. I like a bit of fresh air.
7. My idea of a really good time is being near the sea and lying/sitting with my feet up, reading with the sound of the sea in the background, or just watching the waves.
I don't think any of this is earth-shaking stuff, anyway....
Usha I don't think I'll tag anyone particularly. But the award goes to each one of the people on my fave blogs list, because they are, each one of them, so creative in their own ways--beautiful photography, interesting attitudes, wonderful ideas, all there. Some of them--like Usha, Hiphopgrandmom & Jane have already been given the award. So to all the others, I pass on the Creative Blogger award.