02 February 2010

Continuation of last post

I suppose I have been thinking about death also because it will be my mother's 3rd death anniversary on Feb 13th, but for which we plan to have the prayer earlier--on Feb 6th.
Recently I thought about the passing away of my parents and felt that I had been lucky to be there with both of them at the end of their lives, that they did not have to die alone, without any familiar faces around.
Of course, my mother's death was so sudden--although she was 89, she was so all there in every way, even up to just half an hour before she actually passed away. Whereas, at my dad's passing away in May 2006, I was glad that I really got to say good bye to him, as well as to tell him it was ok to go.
For me personally, when I think about the time that I will die, if I could choose, I would not want it to be a sudden death, because I know how difficult that is for the people left behind--usually leaving a feeling of a lot of unfinished business.


  1. I don't think there is any easy way to die:(

    I'm am glad that I was able to be with my parents. I was not with my father, but in the house in another room- but I had spent several days and nights with him before those last moments. It was oh so hard watching him suffer...

    I was with my mother...but I do not know if she knew it - as it was a brain haemorrage. It broke my heart:( Like you said in your previous post..there is a time when you are ready to go/can accept that eventuality..in my mother's case neither of us were ready.

    Neither death was easy - but I am truly glad my mother did not suffer as my father did. It would have been too much to bear second time round:(

    I hope you have a peaceful day today Sue. My thoughts and prayers are with you:)

  2. My father died suffering and my mother went as quickly as a candle flame . Like Mrs T says there is no easy way to die Sue. I know my father was ready but my mother never realised it .And yes it is that time of year again. It will be 3 years since my father in law passed away and we shall have the service on the 16th. It;s hard because we remember our loved ones all the time but more so at these times. With your serenity and wisdom you will cope wonderfully I know. Hugs .
    @Jane - Hugs to you too you wonderful woman

  3. Thanks for the wishes and hugs Jane and Mallika.


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