10 October 2009

What with my new granddaughter, school, regular power outages (*drat, darn, whatever*), I haven't been able to post. Besdies new granddaughter seems to have driven everything out of my mind and find it difficult to think through any post. So, I thought I wouldn't post for a while. But I'll be around reading blogs.
See you later.

04 October 2009

Inspired by Mrs T over at The Witty Words of a Wayward Wife( who is sharing bits of her holiday in Cyprus with us as and when she gets the time) and by the fact that my grandson--who is, in typical new Gen fashion, an absolute computer addict and so wants to use the comp whenever I'm in front of it--has gone to visit his other grandparents, I decided that I would share some more of the good times of my holiday in the US.
Among he high points of my trip was the music I got to hear and most of it free, as it was summer.  I think it's so wonderful that there is so much free culture available in the US during summer.
I love jazz and much of the music I heard was jazz.  I got to hear a concert at Chicago's lovely Jay Pritzker auditorium.  What an impressive sound system!  And it was wonderful to know you could sit anywwhere and hear the same quality of music, whether up close to the stage, or way back on the grass.  There was a trip to the Hollywood bowl on my California part of the trip--a treat from my brother--big band jazz (but I preferred the Jay Pritker) and some Latino music in a street square in North LA  and then the Chicago Jazz festival held over the Labor Day weekend. Though I got to hear only a bit of that, what I heard was a tribute to Benny Goodman, and I loved his music. Unfortunately, I couldn't get to hear any classical music, because by the time I found out about the summer music happennings, all the classical music shows were over.
The last time we were in the US was firstly for a very serious visit and secondly was made at the end of summer, into autumn.  So at that time I had no opportunity to listen to any music.  So this was so much fun.  I only wish now,that I had researched more before going, so that I could have taken better advantage of all the music that was out there.  Now I know that I will certainly do more research before I make another trip.

01 October 2009