12 August 2009

Am in the US of A and getting used to cooler climes, longer daylight times and my new granddaughter. We have been to Chicago twice now, once spending a day walking around and looking around and doing the touristy things like visiting Millenium Park. That was a pleasant day.
Last weekend we visited the 'beach', which is on the shore of the lake--Lake Michigan.
It was a hot day--91 F. [My children in Chennai were highly amused when I told them that it was hot here :-)] Well it was rather like a Bangalore hot day--very sunny and dry. But the water of the lake was ice cold--or so it felt to us Indians. But the water was packed with people, even little kids, playing, swimming and some just wallowing in the water. A large portion of Chicago seemed to be there, enjoying the sunshine. We had wondered about what clothes to wear, but out there at the beach we realised it truly didn't matter, because skimpy was in. We saw a whole bunch of runners--both men and women-- participating in a Susan G Komen 'Race for the Cure' for breast cancer, wearing pink shirts, pink ribbons, pink bands on their wrists, all dedicatedly walking/running although it was so warm. There were little vignettes of family life, from many different cultural backgrounds, in the deep, cool shade of the trees in the area, each a setting for a little story. I wish I could have lingered longer, but we were out with a little baby too--who was in a sling on her mom and it was too hot to stay in one place.
But all of it was interesting. Sadly, there are no pictures.