08 June 2009

These last two months of summer were hectic. There were summer classes for young children that I helped with---almost 3 weeks; there weddings galore as is usual during the summer, there were short trips taken and through a large part of it, my grandson was there. I had a busy but fun time. My daughter and son-in-law had come for a short vacation too and we went to Kovalam--a beach near Trivandrum. After that I went with my daughter for 2 weeks and returned the day before I had to be back at work to find my beloved Dobe was very ill.
During all this, the elections took place and the results were quite unexpected and very exciting.

It's now that I'm back at work and the regular routine that there is more time to blog and I'm trying hard to catch up on all the posts I missed all this while. Sharing with you a sunset at the crowded beach at Kovalam. There's also a post with some pictures over at the family blog


  1. Your summer is over, but ours is just beginning. School lets out here for hols this Friday.

  2. This is one gorgeous photo

  3. Beautiful the way it captured the moonlight shining on the water.


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