13 April 2009

A blow out!

We have been having summer showers. The good side of that is the temperature comes down. But summer showers are usually accompanied by thunder and lightning. So we had a bad case of that last Thursday evening and the modem got knocked out along with the LAN card on my computer. The modem was repaired on Saturday. But I found out about the LAN card only later. Finally that was replaced today. I find it seriously cramps my style when I have to share my husband's computer! I am so happy to have my computer back today. Unfortunately I could not put up the Easter greetings I had intended to put up. Well anyway, I hope everyone had a good Easter.


  1. Wow ! That's the worst about thundershowers . I take care to pull out all the plugs and not use any electric appliances inc the TV, comp , chargers and so on .

  2. Oddly, we have been having spring storms including tornadoes in the state, We had power blink outs as well and our wireless has been dropping regularly since.


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