09 March 2009

Bye for a bit

I have been reading all the blogs on my blog roll and catching up with all the posts that I had missed reading in between and the realisation came to me that my blog--in blogworld--was a bit like a music-loving tone-deaf person who persists in singing, but always off-key. You feel for him/her, but's grating all the same; and you wish they would know when to keep quiet.
So I have decided to go off from blog world for a while though I will be keeping up with my blog rolll. Bye friends.


  1. Okay, I think a lot of us are slowing down and writing less, pulling inward a bit. Thanks for the invite to continue to come here. I would miss you too much.

    It is a tough time and I am getting to the point that I can barely tolerate the financial news. Even the news networks are making more out of nonsense news than they might just to have anything to report on except the economy. (That from the newsnetwork)

    It is a grave time for world leaders. Perhaps this financial crisis will in some way serve to unite as as it often does in small communities where everyone must help each other.

    I talked about you in the workshop I taught and encouraged people to come to your site....what irony.

    much affection

  2. thanks for the invite...hope to see you back when you're ready'1

  3. Thanks for the invite :)

    I agree with Onedia that it looks like many of us are slowing down and writing less...I barely have any free time nowadays and I am resenting it. I am feel annoyed at the fact that I don't feel like I work to live but rather that I live to work because of lack of free time...I guess I need a holiday :) or at least five days off in a row.

    Catch up with you soon! :)

  4. This makes me sad. Coming here is the only international travel I can afford anymore.

    I'll miss your posts. :(

  5. PS:I completely disagree that you are blog-deaf. You have your own style, and that's what makes you lovely and unique.

  6. hgm,
    i love reading your blog and will miss your posts. i come to your blog when i feel the need to read something peaceful and comforting. i'll keep doing that to read through some favourite old posts.

    i can understand that you don't feel like writing, because i've been there now for a long time.

    i hope you'll be back soon because i'll miss you.

  7. Thanks for the invite . Must admit I was stunned to find your blog private . I agree with Onedia that a lot of us are writing less perhaps because of other compulsions but I do realise that even if its just registering what the weather is like, one should write . But continue to write Susan . Dont stop .
    Im a fine one to talk.

  8. I perfectly understand and yet like
    Esbee I agree that you have your own voice and style - as we all do - and it is a very pleasing one for me. When I come over here I see a spirtual woman who thinks carefully about life and all that it entails - I like this - Although my own blog is full of rubbish I enjoy coming here and elsewhere and reading thought- provoking posts. Sometimes I know they are just a few words but sometimes that is all that is necessary..

    Funnily enough I've just drafted a post telling the world I'm quitting blogging for a while. I love it but I'm finding my time being increasingly encroached upon amongst other things. I'll probably sit on it for 24 hours though ... cos well you know I have a big gob and I could change my mind!

    Keep writing - on the whole I find it therapeutic but maybe once in a while we need a break.

    Take care,


  9. You know the best thing about blogland is that you get to sit and have a cuppa with people when ever and from where ever you chose. Sometimes we all go a little quiet with our thoughts and daily life outside of blogland - I think it's just our brain telling us to sit still, watch and listen and then we can chat and write about it later lol ... thanks for the invite too. Smiles*!*


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