02 February 2009

I am joining a large number of bloggers who have protested about this issue, regarding the targeting of a blogger for voicing his opinions, on his own private blog! There were so many people who felt as C Kunte did, that by and large, the reporting during 26/11 was irresponsible. Many people expressed their opinons on their blogs too. But why has one individual been singled out and made to retract his post? How come our FREE Press wants to muzzle the ordinary citizen's right to free speech? This smacks of the ancient days when the educated priestly classes--here and in much of the world--opposed literacy and then dissemination of information, because they felt threatened.


  1. Thank-you for bringing this to my attention. It's not good at all.

  2. There's always someone wanting to control others thoughts and opinions:(

  3. I feel if someone doesn`t agree with the writings on another person`s blog, no one is forcing them to read it, all they need to do is close the blog and not read it. A persons feelings should always be allowed on their own blog as long as they do not make up lies or use cruel slander to hurt others.
    Just my own opinion of course and others do not need to agree with me.

  4. How terrible.

    I am now able to read and write on the pages, thank goodness. I missed you guys.


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