10 January 2009

a great gift.

The other exciting happening over the holidays—I have a camera! A dear niece gave me the camera as a gift. It's a basic camera I suppose--a Sony cyber-shot. I'm just getting to know the camera and it's features. I had just learned all the features in my phone camera. Now I will have to learn the many more features available here.

Unfortunately, ever since I got the camera, I haven't been able to see birds close enough in the trees to take pictures of :( I prowl around at noon trying to see the birds that I can hear calling, so that I can photograph them.. But alas, I can't find them. Maybe it's just too hot and dry. Hopefully I will have pictures after a summer shower.


  1. Looking forward to lots of great pics :) and why have you thrown me out of your space ?

  2. That is a great present. Looking forward to your psoting pictures on your blog.

  3. I am so pleased for you . A camera is a wonderful gift. Carry it in your handbag and give us plenty of shots of your town.

    hugs and kisses


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