06 December 2008

Lingering Aftermath

After 26/11, I have read various posts, several e-mails forwarded, watched quite a few TV programs and read the news. I feel compelled to add my own POVs to the babel out there, partly to clarify my own thoughts and partly to see if anyone out there agrees with some of these POVs.
1. In a democracy, there ought not to be any 'us and them' between government and the people. A poster I saw on TV said it aptly--politician, you are our (the people's) servant'.
2. Therefore from point 1 above, we have to vote to get the government we want (to some extent).
3. The politician is just another citizen of our country like you or me. If he is corrupt/is interested only in himself and family, that obviously shows that the vast majority of us are like that. Now if somebody says that only the worst kind go into politics, what's to stop somebody with better morals from going into it?
4. In one of those TV discussions in the aftermath, somebody suggested that we should not pay taxes. I don't see how not paying taxes punishes our politicians. We punish ourselves. If we want the policeman to have a decent salary and for him to be trained and armed properly, that money has to come from taxes, or is anybody planning to sponsor the upgrading of our policemen? Why is there so much tax evasion in the country?

I feel when we criticize our politicians, we should also think about changing ourselves. Let's not decry someone's outlook based on their caste/religion. Let's all turn out to vote at every election. Let's not use influence/money to get us out of a queue or out of a tight spot. Let's teach our children to follow the laws of our country, not implying that those who follow rules are wimps. Let's each of us work together in our work places, without using office politics to put someone else down. Let's realise that sometimes for the good of all, we have to give up a bit of ourselves.

That's my POV. Feel free to add what you feel.


  1. "The politician is just another citizen of our country like you or me. If he is corrupt/is interested only in himself and family, that obviously shows that the vast majority of us are like that."

    So aptly put. Loved this post.

    word veri = indeeb

  2. You are right - I didn't think of the politician as really being just like you or me.
    I do feel peeved though that we have made such economic strides and still don't have an emergency plan in place or have not been able to equip our police and military better.
    Though I suppose I have no right to judge when I am not even living in the country.
    What a thoughtful post - makes me want to ruminate some more ...

  3. I so agree with you hgm.
    Especially the bit about obeying the rules!

  4. 'what's to stop somebody with better morals from going into it?'
    Do you think a person like you and me can handle politics?I know I can't.That brings up the next question - 'what right do we have to crib and complain?'

    Let us then stop blaming politicians.Let us begin by saying No to corruption.Let us learn to follow rules.Let us object to communal feelings and let us not discriminate on the basis of one's caste and community.Every step will make a difference.All is not lost yet.

  5. Actually Hipgrandma, we heard a speech by Shashi Tharoor and he wanted to enter politics. I doubt he is corrupt and say what one will, our PM is also such a person.
    The earlier generation of politicians were not, by and large, as corrupt as today so many politicians are; probably because there was more idealism then, just after independence. They really wanted to serve their country.
    I hope attitudes will change this time.

  6. People like Mahatma Gandhi had a larger purpose of redeeming the country from British rule in mind.He led from the front and others followed.My own grandfather was motivated enough to wear khadi and there were thousands like him.The terrorist attack in Mumbai is being condemned by the Muslim community and local dailies carry several articles by members of the muslim community distancing themselves from terrorists and expressing solidarity with the rest of India.May be it is only when pushed to the corner a positive change will emerge whether it be political leadership or public perception.

  7. Ams, I agree with your POVs. However, I feel its a bit easier said than done about any of us entering politics. I think I agree with Hip Grandma that you or I (who let's presume are citizens with a conscience) would not get votes just by saying that we are honest and would like to practice what we preach.

    Besides, we cant all be politicians. we need doctors, lawyers, teachers etc. and only some of us can be chosen to govern the nation.

    To some extent, I think those who enter politics as a profession should do so with a conscience, and perhaps they should be paid better so that they dont end up being corrupt.

  8. Politicians are blamed because of the speeches they give aftermath.

    I don't find a single candidate worth to be voted during elections :(

  9. You have an award waiting at my blog.Kindly pass it on.

  10. Very correct .It is we who coose our politicians and we do not raise our voices in protest because very simply put we dont care maybe ? It takes an event of great magnitude to make us see sense.

  11. Both the 'don't pay taxes' and the 'use 49-O to vote for no one' seem like such cop-out options to me. Both are tantamount to washings ones hands off the situation...

  12. "A poster I saw on TV said it aptly--politician, you are our (the people's) servant" ... a message for all politicians the world over who appear to forget this fact*!*

  13. I'm afraid I'm in agreement with you Sue; even in the most democratic of institutions there are always those who will be corrupted by power...and then there are the others who when they see how hard it is to make real change slide into the abyss of disillusionment.

    Give me an idealist anyday!

  14. Great posting. I especially like the part about not using politics in the office. That brings the issue into everyday life where we can all relate. Reminds me of a saying, "Let peace begin with me."

  15. A Merry X'mas and Happy New Year to you and yours.

  16. merry christmas, suze!

  17. A very merry Christmas, HillGrandMom. I hope you are spending it with those you love. Ask one of them to give you a hug for me, please.



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