23 November 2008

Hiphop Grandmom's tag

Hiphop Grandmom tagged me.

My oldest memory:
Going to nursery school in Bombay; being taken after school to an older cousin’s house, where I drew on their wall and was scolded for it.

Ten years ago:
My husband’s 50th birthday and when I told my husband that our now son-in-law wanted to marry our daughter.

My first thought this morning:
It’s a holiday and so I have more than an hour to spend online.

If you built a time capsule, what would it contain:
An 33rpm LP record—to show what that looked like, a newspaper (Nov. 5th 2008), an old book, a picture of our present picture tube PC and a couple of magazines—one news mag, one showing gadgets of today and one woman’s mag.

This year:
Has been full of events and has gone by at a crazy pace. The financial meltdown has been a big topic of discussion, as also the election. It’s an ok year.

14 years from now:
I hope that I am as ambulatory and healthy—mentally and physically—as I am today.

Now to tag 3 people--Mrs. T, Mallika and Dot?

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  1. Interesting to read - seems like you have many warm memories!


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